remember 2001-2004 though???!? remember windows xp and kerrang and neopets and shrek being a big deal and beyblades and ps2 skating/snowboarding games and “i believe in a thing called love” and flash video sites and avril lavigne and wearing chains on jeans and t.A.T.u. and seeing LOTR and PotC in cinemas and how every boy looked like reese from malcolm in the middle


two things I assume everybody has extensive knowledge about

  • harry potter
  • high school musical
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If you don’t strategically eat your food so that the last bites to go in your mouth are the tastiest look at your choices


kinda weird that u can think about someone as much as u want and they have no idea

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rescue me chin boy, and show me the stars


Only by achieving true Unagi can you be prepared for any danger that may befall you!


*skips 150 songs till i get the one i want* it must be destiny


Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?

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reading: insurgent (veronica roth)
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listening to: frozen F ROZEN

on semi-hiatus aka trying and failing not to procrastinate